Yes. Any natural or legal person(s) can apply for reconnaissance permit or exploration and evaluation licenses outside of the delineated concession areas open for tender as long as it is within the approved seven zones (Zone A to G). However, the application for reconnaissance permit or exploration and evaluation licenses outside of the delineated concession areas will only be formally opened by the Regulatory Authority to public after the TL Minerals Tender 2023 process terminates.

Once pre-qualified, the ANPM Mineral Tender Technical Administrator will send NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) to the pre-qualified company to be completed. After the NDA is initialed and signed by the company’s Chairman, Managing Director or CEO/ President and is returned to the ANPM, data-room access credentials will be provided to the company appointed personnel.

The pre-qualified companies should submit documents based on the legal, financial, technical, local content and HSE requirements as set forth in the Term of Reference (ToR) and its parts (Part I to XI) of the Government Resolutions No.7/2023 of 15th March. The submission of Bid Summary Form (Part VIII) should be accompanied with a proposal detailing all the proposed work program and commitments for technical, financial, local content and HSE. The bidder is encouraged to provide as much detail as possible including but not limited to maps showing the proposed work to be carried out, description, images, plans, and/or any other support documents to strengthen the bidder’s proposal.

The bidding documents can be submitted through the dedicated FTP account in which the bidder requested during the pre-qualification period. Once pre-qualified, the bidder should use the credential created to login and submit the documents in the ‘bidding folder’ by uploading the correct documents corresponding to each of the sub-folders available. Any documents unrelated to the categories (e.g., introduction or letter from the Chairman/ Director/ CEO/ President of the company) can be uploaded outside of the sub-folder. Once the submission is done, send a notification email to minerals_tender@anpm.tl to notify the Minerals Tender Admin regarding the submission. The person submitted, date, and time of the submission will be recorded.

There is no limit on how many concession areas the bidder can apply for, however for each of the concession area, the bidder is required to submit and fulfill all the requirements for that particular concession area. The bidder needs to name the documents clearly when uploading the documents to the Bidding folder in our dedicated FTP. For example: a bidder applies for two concession areas MEL2023- CA-ZA001 and MEL2023-CA-ZA002, each of the submitted documents should be named clearly indicating which of the concession areas the file is associated with. i.e., for financial: MEL2023-CA-ZA001_financial and MEL2023-CA-ZA002_financial, for Technical and Work Program: MEL2023-CA-ZA001_Technical and work program, etc.