How to Bid

The TL Minerals Tender 2023 is a tender process for the award of Mineral Rights to carry out detail exploration activities within the concession areas on offer.

To Bid:

    1. All interested parties; natural or legal person(s) wishing to bid in the TL Minerals Tender 2023 must first be pre-qualified with ANPM;
    2. To be pre-qualified, please refer to the Pre-Qualification Guidelines outlined in the approved Government Resolution No. 7/2023 of 15th March. A translated version of the approved Pre-Qualification Guidelines is also available from PRE-QUALIFICATION TAB.
    3. Those who are already pre-qualified and wishing to view and download technical data and information related to the areas opened in TL Mineral Tender 2023, may seek to obtain credential in the form of username and password and sign a confidentiality agreement to access dedicated Data Base and Virtual Data Room. This service is provided by ANPM to all pre-qualifiers free of charge.
    4. It is strongly encouraged that all pre-qualifiers view these technical data and/or information and perform necessary analysis prior to making their bidding
    5. All pre-qualifiers will be issued with credential in the form of username and password for submission of their bidding documents.
    6. All bidding for TL Minerals Tender 2023 can be submitted by electronic to ANPM online FTP Portal ( or directly in a seal envelope to dedicated TL Minerals Tender 2023 boxes at ANPM office level 7, Ministry of Finance Building, Timor-Leste. Once submitted, please send notification to the ANPM through e-mail to to notify the submission by indicating their company name, date and time of submission. Please note that the ANPM records the electronic delivery date and time as evidence.
    7. All questions and/or clarification on TL Minerals Tender 2023 can be addressed to

Important Note:

Up to date information including any changes to the Terms of Reference and Tender schedule will be posted on this website.