Zone A

Figure 3: Geological map of Zone A with the concession areas on offer (Geological map is adapted from KARVAK 2022).

Zone A is located mainly within the area of Lautem Municipality and small part of the Viqueque and Baucau Municipalities with the estimated total area of 1114.65 km2. It has a total of nine (9) concession areas on offer for tender. The surface geology of this zone is primarily consist of Bobonaro Complex, Baucau Formation, Aitutu Formation, and Cablac Formation, with minor Lolotoi Formation, Maubisse Formation, Quaternary Alluvial and Quaternary Marine Terraces deposit (Figure 3). The lithologies that made up these formations are mainly sedimentary rocks such as limestone, sandstone, and marl, while the Bobonaro Complex contain various type of rocks of varying ages in scaly clay matrix.

Rock formations such as the Bobonaro Complex and Maubisse Formation are associated with high magnetic anomalies within the zones. The high magnetic anomalies correspond to the indication of potential metallic minerals and igneous rock present within the zone. Previous studies had noted that Zone A has indication for potential for minerals such as gold, chromium, manganese, and iron sand in part of the area including non-metallic minerals such as limestone and marble (UN-ESCAP 2003, IPG 2020; KARVAK 2022).