Zone E

Figure 7: Geological map of Zone E with the concession areas on offer (Geological map is adapted from KARVAK 2022).

Zone E is located mainly within the Bobonaro and Covalima Municipalities and small part of Ermera Municipality particularly within the Atsabe area with a total estimated area of 1,431 km2. Zone E is mainly covered by three formations, i.e., the Lolotoi Complex, Aitutu Formation and Bobonaro Complex with minor Wailuli Formation, Maubisse Formation, Baucau Formation and Quaternary Alluvial as well as Quaternary fan deposit (Figure 7).

The indicated metallic minerals within this zone, are gold and copper, as well as non-metallic mineral such as limestone, potential marble, dolomite, and bentonite in the area (UN-ESCAP 2003). Similar to Zone D, very little studies focusing on the exploration for minerals was carried out in Zone E, resulting no detail data relating to the indicated mineralisation.